How Is Magnesium Hydroxide Dehydrated?

In some industrial production and processing, the magnesium hydroxide must be fully dehydrated to ensure sufficient drying to achieve a relatively high utilization value. Usually, a dryer is used to achieve the purpose. So how is magnesium hydroxide dry? The following editor will introduce you.

  1. Aluminum hydroxide filler is more common in the case of low water dew point control. Its dew point depth can reach -60 ℃, ensuring that the water content does not exceed 3 ppm.
  2. Because of the absorptivity of high-white filler aluminum hydroxide and the continuous changes in temperature and pressure during the regeneration stage, the outlet gas usually contains high-white filler aluminum hydroxide dust in a short time, and a multi-filter element dust filter must be used to achieve completeness. Of purification.
  3. Gas enters the filter element from the outside, impurities will be blocked on the surface and inside of the filter element, and a uniform filter cake is formed on the surface of the filter element. In view of the bridging effect of the high-white filler aluminum hydroxide itself, the filtration accuracy will follow Be improved more.
  4. In fact, the staff can choose the frequency of filter replacement according to the temperament conditions and the length of operation.
  5. In industrial production, sometimes high-white filler aluminum hydroxide is used in batches, and the filter element will need to be replaced later.

The above is about the way magnesium hydroxide is dehydrated. The effect of using magnesium hydroxide as a desiccant is fantastic. Still, the premise is proper dehydration treatment, which is the prerequisite for application, and the same treatment method as an adsorbent is the same.

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