Product Introduction

Special Alumina

Special alumina is a kind of alumina powder with a particle size of nanometer level, and the powder size is between 1-100μm. Special alumina is made of high-purity ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide as raw material, which grows uniformly in three-dimensional space and is microcrystalline spherical through surface modification and structure regulation α- Al2O3 powder, with good dimensional stability, narrow particle size distribution, low content of harmful impurity elements such as Na, Fe, and Cr, has many unique and excellent properties. Special alumina has the properties of high purity, uniform powder primary crystal, good dispersion, concentrated particle size distribution, high insulation resistivity, high thermal conductivity, and high hardness.

Application analysis of special alumina :

Special alumina is widely used in the chemical industry, medicine, catalyst and its carrier, ceramics, and other fields because of its special properties.

The precision ceramic made of special ceramic special alumina powder has plasticity and toughness similar to metal, and the weight is light, especially the strength is greatly improved. Adding a small amount of micron or special alumina (about 5%) to the conventional ceramic matrix can double the mechanical properties of the material, improve the toughness of ceramics and reduce its sintering temperature.


Ultra-fine Al2O3 powder bioceramics basically do not corrode in the physiological environment and have good structural compatibility. The new tissue grows into the continuous pores on the surface of porous ceramics, has high bonding strength with body tissue, and has the characteristics of high strength, low friction coefficient, and low wear rate. Therefore, it is widely used in clinical practice. As a new medical material, special alumina has been used to make force-bearing artificial bones, dental root implants, drug slow-release carriers, etc.; it has also successfully carried out alveolar ridge expansion, maxillofacial bone defect reconstruction, facial correction, and repair.

Surface Protective Coating

Spraying special alumina particles on the surface of metals, ceramics, plastics, and other materials can significantly improve surface strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Optical Materials

Special alumina can absorb ultraviolet light and can generate light waves of wavelengths related to particle size under the excitation of certain wavelengths. Alumina can be sintered into transparent ceramics. As a material for high-pressure sodium lamps, it can be used as a protective coating for the phosphor layer in compact fluorescent lamps; it can also be combined with rare-earth phosphors to make fluorescent tube luminescent materials to improve the life of the tube. In addition, the special alumina porous film has infrared absorption properties and can be made into a stealth material for military applications; it can be used as an ultraviolet shielding material and cosmetic additives by using its 80nm ultraviolet light absorption effect.

Catalyst & Its Carrier

The catalytic function of special alumina is an extremely important one of its new uses. The special alumina powder has a large specific surface, and the performance of the prepared catalyst and catalyst carrier is several times higher than that of ordinary catalytic materials.

Electronics Industry:

Due to its huge surface and interface, sensitivity to external humidity changes, and high stability, special alumina is an ideal material L5 for humidity sensors and wet electric thermometers. At the same time, it also has good electrical insulation, chemical durability, heat resistance, strong radiation resistance, high dielectric constant, and flat and uniform surface, It can be used as substrate material for semiconductor materials and large-scale integrated circuits, and is widely used in microelectronics, electronics and information industries.