Product Introduction

Aluminum Hydroxide

ZC-TECH strictly controls the growth of original crystal particles of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant through the separation process to obtain fine aluminum hydroxide powder featuring single crystal form, complete crystal, narrow particle size, and high whiteness. During its drying, the completeness of the original crystal is kept well and prepared aluminum hydroxide flame retardant has good compatibility, dispersity, mobility, and excellent flame-retarding property in high polymer material. With flame retarding effect up to Level V-0, it is a new inorganic flame retardant for PU foam material, wire, and cable, latex product, flame retarding building material, thermoplastics, flame retarding carpet, and other industries.


Product Features

1 Good compatibility and excellent flame-retarding property

2 Good mechanics property and mobility

3 Excellent flame-retarding property and flame retarding effect up to Level V-0