Product Introduction


Boehmite series products are self-developed products by ZC-TECH according to the actual market demands. The products are in flake or block shape and have the characteristics of high purity, narrow particle size distribution, good dispersibility, and good stability… Boehmite can be widely used in flame retardant, new energy battery diaphragm coating, lithium battery electrode coating, copper clad laminate, polishing abrasive materials, etc.,

Boehmite is mainly synthesized by hydrothermal method with aluminum hydroxide as raw material. ZC-TECH is currently the leading manufacturer of ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide in China, with sales of more than 145000 tons of aluminum hydroxide in 2020. The company has obvious advantages in the production and preparation of boehmite, the quality of raw materials is stable and reliable, and the particle size and purity of products have reached the level of oversea advanced products; It has an excellent performance in terms of magnetic substance content and electrical conductivity index. According to SEM, boehmite produced by ZC-TECH has good regularity in morphology and uniform primary crystal of powder. In the extension of the original aluminum hydroxide industrial chain, the price of Boehmite produced by ZC-TECH is highly competitive in the market.