The Function And Application Of Corundum Mullite Ceramic Setter Plate

What is a ceramic setter plate?

In layman's terms, a ceramic setter plate is a tool used in the ceramic kiln to carry and transport the burned ceramic green body.

At present, the sintering temperature of composite setter used for setter MLCC is generally above 1200℃, requiring higher ceramic setter plate requirements. Domestic materials typically have a series of problems such as low scale, different powder particle size, high impurity content, and poor batch stability. To obtain suitable raw materials, ZC-TECH conducts strict physical and chemical testing and analysis, process comparison tests, and repeated tests to determine the material's main components. And impurity control problems to manage the raw material suppliers and propose technical transformation plans. Supervise and urge material manufacturers to provide raw materials with stable quality and stable batches according to their needs to obtain setter products with sound processes, good product consistency, and significant price advantages.

The ceramic setter plate produced by ZC-TECH uses high-purity corundum and mullite as the primary raw materials. The high-temperature composite setter plate has excellent properties of both and is not easy to chemically react with the setter product. It is used repeatedly under high-temperature strength of 1450 degrees and is especially suitable for sintering magnetic cores, ceramic capacitors, and insulating ceramics.

Characteristics and functions of ceramic setter plate

The ceramic plate has excellent features such as high working temperature, good thermal shock stability, low expansion coefficient, high bending strength, ideal high-temperature load softening performance, and long comprehensive service life.

They are mainly used in the ceramic kiln as carriers for carrying, insulating, and conveying the fired ceramics. Which can increase the heat transfer rate of the setter plate, make the setter product heat evenly, effectively reduce energy consumption, accelerate the firing speed, and increase the output. Making the products fired in the same kiln has no color difference and other advantages.

The use of setter board

  1. It is used for pushing plate, bearing plate, sagger board, and sagger for ultra-high temperature electric kiln and electric furnace;
  2. It is used for pollution-free high-temperature sintering of industrial ceramics such as magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, ceramic substrates, zirconia ceramics, etc.;
  3. They are used for sintering electronic components such as MLCC, LTCC, PTC chip resistor capacitors.

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