Thermally conductive spherical alumina properties

Submicron Spherical Alumina
  1. High filling: The thermally conductive material realizes heat conduction through phonons, and thermally conductive fillers play an important role in it. In order to improve the heat transfer efficiency of different thermal conduction channels, powders of different particle sizes are usually used to achieve close filling between particles, to obtain a mixture with low viscosity and good fluidity, and does not affect vulcanization;
  2. High thermal conductivity: Because it can be filled with high density, it can form a relatively complete thermal conduction chain. Compared with other metal oxides, it can obtain a mixture with high thermal conductivity and good heat dissipation;
  3. High purity: Due to the high purity of the product and very little impurity content in the particle state, this product has very good electrical properties.

The products are suitable for various silicone systems, epoxy systems, engineering thermally conductive plastic systems, various thermally conductive potting compounds, and various rubber systems.

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