Analysis of three key development points of flame retardant

For the safety of people's lives and property, what are the key points for the development of flame retardants?

  (1) Environmental requirements

  In order to meet the needs of environmental protection, it is necessary to strengthen the development of halogen-free, high-efficiency, low-smoke, and low-toxic flame retardants and research on flame retardant technologies. From the perspective of the development prospects of flame-retardant masterbatch, halogen-free intumescent flame-retardant masterbatch, silicone flame-retardant masterbatch, microcapsule, and nano-level flame-retardant masterbatch, etc. provide the possibility for the greening of products. At the same time, non-toxic and harmless raw materials, solvents,and catalysts should be used in production.

  (2) Improvement of flame retardant technology

  The halogen-free flame-retardant masterbatch, especially the additive flame-retardant masterbatch, the finer the particle size, the faster the thermal decomposition speed, the better the flame retardant effect, and the better the dispersion and compatibility with the polymer. Nano-materials that have emerged in recent years, such as nano-SiO2, nano-hydroxide, etc. Due to the extremely small size of nano-particles, it has a variety of characteristics, such as quantum size effect, small size effect, macro quantum tunneling effect and surface effect, etc. . The use of microencapsulation technology in flame retardants is a new technology that has emerged in recent years. Microencapsulation prevents direct contact between the flame retardant and the material, thereby improving the compatibility of the flame retardant with the flame-retardant material, preventing the migration of the flame retardant, and improving the moisture resistance, flame retardant effect, and thermal stability.

  (3) Multifunctional finishing agent

  At present, in the metallurgy, forestry, chemical, petroleum, and fire protection departments, the demand for flame retardant protective clothing is very large, but a single flame retardant performance can no longer meet any special requirements. Multifunctional flame retardant finishing agents can improve other properties of flame retardant products.

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